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Game Overview:

  • The research dog is a newly graduated Ph.D.. His life-long dream is to become a great scientist, but the fortune is not on his side. After years of hard working, he is finally offered an intern position in a random lab. However, the job is not that easy and happy as he expected. The tough boss, the retarded coworker, and the low salary paycheck. All these indicates there is still a long journey ahead for the research dog.

Game Features:

  1. Art Style: In , 99% of the elements are shaped from black and white lines. Therefore the whole game world is filled with apathy and humor.
  2. Characters: The hero of the game is a personified dog. And all the roles in the game are two most common pets in real life: cats and dogs. 
  3. Instruments: All the instruments in the game have their prototypes in the real world. And the way you operate them is well designed. 
  4. Soliloquize: As a vivid character, the research dog has its own opinion towards the society, but there is only one audience of all the thoughts, himself. Considering it is a story that telling himself, why not try to turn tragedy into comedy, turn sadness into fun as possible as we can.
  5. Difficulty: The game play of  is roughly 1.5 hours, lasting totally 11 days in the game. Every day is tougher than the previous. New gameplay or system will be introduced every several days. Real life: We introduce some of the elements in real life in this small game: such as having meals, sleep, traffic jam, washing cloth, and so on. You will find that the things that trouble ourselves in real life will always be an company with the research dog. 

Game Background:

  • Throughout the long journey of your academic career, you've had many uncommon experiences. 
  • When it's time to play as a child, you were studying; when it's time to date as a teenager, you were studying.
  • Because of the amount of scholarship offered, you chose a relatively ordinary university; because of your not-so-sophisticated ideals, you went all the way to a Ph.D.
  • To lighten your family's burden, you've worked as a TA, random paid-by-the-hour job, and cashier. 
  • You've done other people's assignment and attended some kid's parents' meeting for some pay. 
  • You had a procrastinative Ph.D. mentor and two interesting colleagues. 
  • One of them broke your equipment; the other graduated with research data borrowed from you. 
  • After these destructive events, you went back to your work station and stayed. Finally you got your results.
  • You produced a dissertation  good enough for Science, and handed it to your mentor with absolute joy. 
  • Your mentor kept your dissertation for nine months. 
  • Under pressure, you kept working unrequitedly. 
  • You waded through a breakup, loss of a family member, wedding of a childhood friend, and IPO of a friend's company.
  • Your cousin, six years younger than you, had a baby when you started your Ph.D. Now her kid is old enough to sell girl scout cookies, and you're still here, waiting for an elusive diploma.
  • Maybe your luck did an one-eighty, or maybe your mentor had a moral epiphany.He handed the dissertation back to you, untouched, and told you it's ready for publishing.
  • That magnificent summer, you finally managed to graduate.
  • ……
  • At that fateful moment, you suddenly remembered your life-long dream.
  • You still wanted to be a scientist.
  • Thanks to that untouched dissertation, you got into a research institution.

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